How Tagging Helps Your Photos and Videos Get Discovered

Oliver Hutchinson
Oliver Hutchinson
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How Tagging Helps Your Photos and Videos Get Discovered

Now compare that room to a library of books that have been organized and cataloged. Not only would it be easy to know if your book is available, but you'd also be able to quickly locate it.

Why tagging is important

Pexels isn't just a website full of photos and videos — it's a library, and we've built systems to help make it one. When people come searching for your work, we want them to be able to easily find it. This is why tagging is so important.

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Tagging your work on Pexels is basically cataloging your work in our library. It allows our search algorithm to know what's going on in your photo or video and whether it's relevant to what someone is searching for.

Tagging, though, can be a bit… tedious. Trust us we, we know. We have an entire team dedicated to tagging. They review every single tag that's been added to submitted work, so we fully understand how tagging can sometimes be a pain.

To help you and our team out, we also automatically generate tags for all photos and videos submitted to Pexels. But as you can imagine, automated tags aren't always that accurate. Incorrect tags can be added or important tags can be left out.

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This is why tagging your own photos can make such a big impact. You know your photos and videos better than anyone on our tagging team. Help us help you get your work discovered.

We're here to help

If you run into any trouble, have a clarifying question, or even find your photos appearing in the wrong search results, please let me know.

You can personally reach me (the curation lead here at Pexels) by sending me a Twitter DM or email to and I'll do my best to help. I go through all the messages once a week, so if you don't get a response from me right away, know that I'll get back to you soon.

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