David Owaga Photographs Genuine Smiles

Oliver Hutchinson
Oliver Hutchinson
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David Owaga Photographs Genuine Smiles

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, David Owaga is a portrait photograper with an eye for genuine feeling. We chatted with him about how he got into photography and the importance of telling a story through portraiture.

So this photo happened at an event for creatives, which was my first ever event of such kind to attend, and I ended up meeting this model and we clicked so well and worked so flawlessly together and we've been good friends ever since.

I had just graduated from high school at the time and I needed a break from all the regular school routine before I went to college, so I told my parents and they agreed to let me try something new.

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I chose photography because I always wanted to create content from memories but video equipment was too expensive so I settled for photos— but little did I know this is where my happiness is.I came to realize I like portraits because they are not complex and they tell a story of happiness.Most of my work is portraits of people who are genuinely smiling, which in turn makes me smile as well and just keeps a good vibe all through.

Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, Milada Vergerova's photography covers a bit of everything, from landscapes to close-ups, digital to film.

We caught up with her before her next road trip to chat about all the different cameras she's tried over the years and the importance of staying playful while photographing.

What camera gear do you use?

I switched to Fujifilm TX-30 like a month ago. I need a new camera, and I needed it to be as compact as possible, because I plan to travel around with it.

I needed lighter and smaller gear that does not draw too much attention, which is important for street photography for example. I went for 35mmF and 50-230mm Fuji lens, plus 60mm manual focus macro lens by 7artisans, definitely plan to get more lens later.For a long period of time I used Canon 6D with some standard zoom lens, 100mm Canon lens and a pancake 40mm Canon lens. Before that I owned Canon 500 D and before that it was a Panasonic Lumix and Olympus Mju 300 as i already said.

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I also have a film camera Minolta SRT100X and I use it occasionally. Before that I used Revueflex AC2, now a decoration on a shelf.

What inspires your photography?

Pinterest! Joking... well, I have many sources of inspiration. Traveling around always offers a lot of inspiration. Important are my dreams also, vivid and long dreams.It's also my past, my mind, my fears, my worries, my hopes, my goals.People around me, movies I watched, books I read...and Pinterest and Instagram too!

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